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  • Young People

    If you’re aged between 18 and 25 and are struggling to find the employment you need and deserve, you’re not alone. Youth unemployment is at the highest levels that it has been for decades, and it can seem that no one is doing anything to try and change things. If you have skills that you feel aren’t being utilised, or if you wish to develop or learn Read more

  • What We Do?

    The activities offered by TESYouth are designed to give young people the skills and confidence to work their way through the labour market successfully and prosperously, or to set up their own businesses if they do decide to become self-employed. Our workshops and training programmes are tailored to offer only the most relevant, up-to-date and Read more

  • Get Involved

    Youth employment can only be tackled if individuals and organisations work together to defeat it and empower the generation that it is holding back. This is why we are so keen to form strong associations with businesses and government organisations of all sizes in order to collaborate and find solutions to the problem together Read more

  • Work Experience

    TESYouth offers Traineeship work experience to young people aged between 18 and 25. If you are struggling to find the employment and tired of being rejected by employer-after-employer, there is light at the end of the tunnel.
    If you live in London, Unemployed, Willing to learn new skills and have a can-do attitude Read more

What TESYouth do for young people?

  • We motivate our students and strive to improve their self-esteem
  • We encourage them to follow their passions
  • We help them to find jobs and make valuable contacts
  • We help them to start up and manage their own businesses
  • We offer structure and networking opportunities
  • We provide them with the advice they need to move towards their goals
  • We help them to develop the social skills they need to engage with their communities
  • We help unemployed graduates turn their skills and qualifications into relevant, paid work
  • We lead young people to new possibilities and help them to discover new environments
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