TESYouth 4th Anniversary

We are proud to announce our 4th Birthday! Four years ago TESYouth was launched to assist young people affected by unemployment, to receive the support and advice that they need. We have achieved this by supporting about 600 young people since our launch. It has been a great pleasure running workshops, work experience activities and building self-esteem for our future leaders and role models and this has inspired our plans and vision for the exciting years ahead.

We hope you have been inspired by our new E-learning courses launched this year and benefited from the variety of subjects available online to all ages.

In March and April TESYouth offered work experience to 18 to 25 year olds in Barnet, covering subjects such as; IT, PR, Research, Recruitment, Graphic and Web design and more. This was a great success and we hope to expand this to other areas in the near future.

Once again, we are so grateful for all your support,
which has encouraged us to build and develop our mission for TesYouth.


So please keep supporting us
as we continue to support young people by developing new and exciting opportunities.

Find work in the creative industries

London is one of the great cultural capitals of the world.

It is not just famous for its museums, heritage and monuments but also for the diversity of its commercial creative industries: the artists, businesses, writers, festival organisers (find more about the creative industries of London from this London report).

There are far more job roles in the creative industries that you might think. You can find a description of these amazing roles here

If you are exploring your options and want career guidance, the resources listed below will help you find the creative role you are looking for. 

UK Music
UK Music is an industry-funded body established to represent the collective interests of the recorded, published and live arms of the British music industry. Their website is full of information on policies and laws, research and educational resources if you want to start a career in the music industry.

Have a browse through their website and find more information on jobs and opportunities in the sector here.

Arts Council England
Arts Council England supports activities across the arts, museums and libraries – from theatre to digital art, reading to dance, music to literature, and crafts to collections.

Their job listings list adverts for a range of job opportunities within the art and culture sector. Find more information here

BBC Careers
If you want to work in broadcasting or the media, training with the BBC will give you valuable experience and insight.

As well as apprenticeships (aimed at school leavers) and traineeships (aimed at graduates), they can also offer two weeks of work experience. BBC schemes are open throughout the year.  Find a list of their schemes here

Creative and Cultural Skills
Creative Choices is an online hub of advice and opportunities for anyone that wants to work in a creative career. Their jobs listings are populated by employers across the UK.

Their creative employment programme provides Creative Apprenticeships to support 16-24-year-olds into work, and pre-employment work experience for 16-21-year-olds in the form of  The Creative Skills Initiative.

Find more information on these opportunities here

Media Trust
If you’re aged 18-25 with limited media or broadcasting experience, you can get a  chance to be mentored by top journalists and produce your own local news report on issues that matter to you.

Breaking Into News offers budding broadcast journalists the opportunity to learn writing, reporting and production skills. Apply here

Have you ever wanted to make your own film and videos? Or are you just interested in “behind the scenes”?

The Photo, Video & Media Production Workshop designed for young people who are interested in creating their own videos, films & media.

Whether it is a short clip or a full-length feature film, you will be equipped with the skills and practices you need to do so. Book your place here.


Workshops Feedback

Participants in CIE (Communication, Interview Techniques, Employment) & Enterprise workshop at Westminster Kingsway College were asked to complete an evaluation and feedback form about the workshop and their experience:

92% say “The workshop methods used were appropriate”.
92% say “The workshop improved my understanding of the topic”.
92% say “I enjoyed the workshop”.
92% say “I gained usable knowledge/skills and will be able to apply them to my academic or personal life”.
84% say “The workshop improved my ability to utilize knowledge/skills related to the topic”.
92% say “The workshop content was relevant”.
92% say “The workshop content was easy to understand”.
92% say “The workshop was useful learning experiences”.

When asked what did you “like best” about this workshop:
96% say The interaction with others & working in team
93% say The interview process, methods & job interviews simulation
92% say Build up an organisation & enterprise

To know more about our workshops, please Visit here