My experience as intern in TESYouth

I joined TESYouth as intern for 3 month. When I first joined TESYouth, I merely saw it as “a means to an end” to increase my chances of securing a permanent job. I thought it might be something impressive to put on my CV that I could talk about in interviews, or at least a productive use of my time while I was unemployed. But even after my first week within the organisation, it had become clear that it was going to provide me with much more than this.

When I left school, I was keen on the idea of starting and running my own business, but like many ambitious young people today, I was disheartened by the obstacles I continually encountered. I kept telling myself that I couldn’t realise my dream until the conditions were perfect, never seeing past these barriers. The economy, the competition, the stress, I’d use any excuse I could to convince myself that it would be pointless to even try. But TESYouth gave me confidence, motivation, and the “why can’t I?” attitude I so desperately needed to develop a career strategy, overcome these hurdles and start a business in something I was truly passionate about. I was taught how to take control of my own life situation and be my own boss instead of waiting for someone else to give me a job. I can make my own work. Why not?

Throughout my placement, I came to realise that interns and work experience students at TESYouth are treated differently to those elsewhere. Instead of being given menial tasks with limited responsibility, I was made to feel important to the organisation, being given real assignments related to my personal skills, some of which I didn’t know would be relevant or useful. Filmmaking had always been a hobby of mine, but I was unsure of how I could make a living out of it, or translate it to a workplace context. However, I was entrusted with the creation of the promotional video, the video production workshop and starting up online vlog, ‘TESYouth Tuesdays’. This assignment in particular was invaluable to me, as it helped enhance my creative portfolio whilst simultaneously advancing the organisation.

My time with TESYouth turned out to be one of the most important experiences of my life, kick-starting both my personal and professional development. It showed me that the working world is not at all black and white, and gave me the confidence and tools I needed to work for myself. My placement ended up securing me a real job within TESYouth as well as assisting me in starting up my own successful business. I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to recommend TESYouth to any young person, regardless of their situation. With the placement comes experience, confidence, and perhaps most importantly, the understanding that there is light at the end of the unemployment tunnel.”

I am now one of TESYouth Board Member and I will continue to contribute to its work. I am now offering marrying couples a beautiful film of their wedding in my wedding film production company – White Wedding Films.
Michael Smith

White Wedding Films