Have you ever wanted to make your own film and videos? Or are you just interested in “behind the scenes”?TESYouth Photo, Video & Media Production Workshop
The Photo, Video & Media Production Workshop designed for young people who are interested in creating their own videos, films & media.
Whether it is a short clip or a full-length feature film, you will be equipped with the skills and practices you need to do so.

The workshop is interactive with hands-on practices.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Video, photo and media production workshop. I was initially surprised by how quickly into practical training, but found it very helpful and felt it was a good move overall.
I feel I have learnt so much and have built my confidence in skills I already had.

Sophie Aldridge

I enjoyed the practical, hands-on aspect of the workshop. The workshop could improve by being longer as we ran out of time to edit and finish our film clip.

Femisha Patel

I enjoyed the workshop. I learnt how to plan, create scripts and scenario. I enjoyed so much and did find it very beneficial as I am perusing a career in photo, video and media production.
I’ll recommend this to anyone who want to peruse a career in photo, video and media production.

Antwon William