Self motivation boost your self-esteem and well-being

Self motivation boost your vitality, self-esteem and general well-being by enhancing your creativity, performance and persistence. A self motivated person is a person who is motivated without any kind of external pressure, even deriving pleasure in performing an activity.

It is a person who acts, behaves in a manner that is beneficial for his general well-being. A self motivated person is a person who has understood the relationship between his actions and behavior and his well-being and acts accordingly.


Some self motivation tips are:

1. Follow your passion
2. New activities
3. Challenge
4. Support for autonomy of action
5. Faith in life

1. Follow your passion. Choose an activity in which you are interested and you value as being worthy. When you follow your passion your energy will be joyfully focused on the task at hand. You will reach peak performances in activities that you enjoy doing.

2. New activities. Continuously exploring new activities will demand stretching out your capabilities and learning of new skills. You will have lifetime enjoyment and vitality.

3. It is further noted that activities that challenge our competencies support motivation. However, the challenge has to be perceived as reachable. Too difficult challenges can kill enthusiasm.

4. Seek out environments where you have support for autonomy of action or move away from environments that do not support your autonomy.

When you set your own goals, direction, pace and evaluation, you are more creative and engaged. This enhances your performance and builds your self-esteem.

5. Faith in life. A person’s worldview, meaning whether a person has faith in life or sees life as being unfair, difficult or distorted. A person who believes in the positive outcome by abiding to a certain number of rules will be self-motivated.