Young people with higher cultural capital are more likely to volunteer

According to a new study, young people aged between 10 and 15, who regularly go to the theatre, attend concerts or sporting events, and visit museums or art galleries, are more likely to volunteer compared to their ‘less-cultured’ peers.
New figures suggest that young people with higher levels of cultural capital are 65% more likely to volunteer and actively contribute to their community. Research also found that youths are 22 per cent more likely to volunteer frequently if at least one parent has been a volunteer.

The study also revealed that a religious belief has no bearing on volunteering. Household structure also has no effect, with young people from single-parent households just as likely to volunteer as their peers from other family backgrounds.

However, the research found significant differences across socio-economic classes, with those from ethnic minority backgrounds 28% more likely to volunteer, compared to White British youths.

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