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Pandemic Impact on Youth Employment

The pandemic has had many impacts on society. One of its major impacts has been on employment, in particular relating to young people. According to a survey by the Resolution Foundation, “the current economic crisis risks pushing an additional 600,000 18-24-year-olds into unemployment in the coming year”. As a result, graduates and young people will be affected by the pandemic in the long run when it comes to employment, facing a decrease in employment prospects, reduced pay

How Can Organisations Help Young People During the Pandemic?

One of the groups that has been affected the most by the pandemic is young people. With an uncertain future ahead of them, many have struggled with both finding employment and their mental health. These strange times are difficult for young people, but organisations can provide advice and support to help them during the pandemic in a variety of ways. How can organisations help young people during the pandemic? One way that organisations can help young people during the pandemic is

What are the Benefits of Virtual Interviews?

Due to the lockdown, many companies have switched to remote working when it comes to the recruitment process. According to a recent survey, “Virtual job interviews increased by 300% during the pandemic. This rise in virtual interviews may seem daunting for people who are used to the more traditional face to face method of doing interviews. However, there are many benefits to virtual interviews. So, what are the benefits of virtual interviews? One benefit of virtual interviews is

Younger workers most vulnerable to job cuts

Analysis by the Trades Union Congress (TUC) shows younger workers are three times more likely to work in sectors most vulnerable to job cuts, including hospitality and the arts. And women under 25 are most at risk of finding themselves out of a job as the UK emerges from lockdown. The organisation, which has more than 50 affiliated trade unions, studied the rate of furloughed workers, the proportion of businesses that have paused or cancelled trading, and the proportion of businesses with

Web Design Professional Online Training

Learn Online to become a Web Design Professional and overcome coronavirus pandemic. This bundle of courses allows you to progress from a raw beginner to a highly-skilled web developer, capable of producing professional-quality, responsive websites and dynamic interactive applications, including some exciting new games. Registration and support on this courses is for a 24 month period. The Online Training is based on the proven “learn-by-example” principle which, as the name implies, provides real-world examples to illustrate a particular topic or technique, the courses