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Why Should You Jump for JumpStart?

If you’re 18-25 and looking for a place to start your career, we have the perfect opportunity for you. Our JumpStart programme, offer you a fantastic range of eight week courses in modules such as Digital Marketing, Mobile App Development, Cyber Security and Web Development to give you valuable skills and experience that you need to succeed. In these eight weeks you will take part in interactive workshops to develop your skills as you work towards a certificate and guaranteed

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Why Should You Consider Volunteering?

In today’s society, it can be hard for young people to find employment. As a result, many find alternative routes to achieve their goals through apprenticeships and internships. However, many miss out on volunteering opportunities as they feel that these positions are unpaid and therefore not worth their time. Despite this, volunteering can often have many benefits. So why should you consider volunteering? By volunteering, you will gain the chance to develop your skills. Volunteering can help

The Information Age

Twitter alerts. Instagram adverts. Facebook ‘Breaking News’; It’s clear to see how the information influx has become a by-product of our modern-day living. At every moment we find ourselves inundated with news, products and sources that launch from our hand-held devices and hit straight into our consciousness. These instantaneous flashes remind us what to see, do and buy and checking our apps for updates is now a daily routine. We are in what is categorically described as ‘The Information Age’

New website & features

TESYouth website has a facelift with extra features: New interactive workshop with certificate & employment; The JumpStart Online training. Learn new skills online and boost your confidence; Select a subject Intern opportunities. Practice your passion within real-life scenarios, while gaining invaluable experience; Apply Donate and make a difference. To support our work and enable us to continue provide our free services; Donate. You can start with £1 donation.  

High Rents Make Young People Less Mobile

Rising rents mean young people are less likely to move to UK cities where average salaries are higher, a report indicates. The number of young people in private rented accommodation who moved for a new job has almost halved in 20 years. Despite the higher wages available, financial incentives for moving are lower, say researchers. “Pay gains are being swallowed up by high housing costs,” said Lindsay Judge of the Resolution Foundation. “For young people in particular, there are real advantages to moving when