Affordable Web presence for Charities & NFP

TESYouth in cooperation with one of UK’s web hosting providers, is offering Affordable Web presence to Charities and Not For Profit organisations.

Web presence for NFP

What you get?
● All you need to present your organisation online including;
Web Space, Domain, Sub-domain and tools to manage and run
● Training (how to run, edit, admin and promote)
● The most popular and stable solutions available on the Internet
● E-mail protection and backup services
● A range of advanced features
● Guaranteed Network Uptime
● Unlimited Traffic
● Customer Support

Please Contact us to discuss your needs and how we can assist.

What is Web presence?
Web Presence has different names such as internet presence and online presence, but they all carry the same meaning.

According to Wikipedia, Web Presence is defined as being “the appearance of a person or organization on the World Wide Web.” And “the amount of web presence can be measured in the amount of sites a organization or individual has, which can include their own website, social network profiles, and their site’s search engine ranking, traffic, popularity, and backlinks.”