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TESYouth, Training, Employment Opportunities & Social Development for Youth is a Social Enterprise and Not for Profit organisation with main aim to tackle and reduce youth unemployment by upskilling, equipping and empowering young people with self-confidence, soft skills, knowledge and professional skills.
Our Board collectively has about 120 years of experience in:

  •   IT, internet and computer/storage networks, video and social media
  •   youth mentoring and tutoring, team and volunteer co-ordination
  •   corporate governance, strategic and operational management
  •   business development, setup and advice
  •   marketing, commercial finance and strategy

As a Not for Profit, profits raised through our services is reinvested into our free services for young people.
We want to use our experience and expertise to make a real difference to the lives of a generation that has been faced with various obstacles due to the factors that it did not cause. We have seen far too many people failing to be offered the work experience needed to develop their careers in the right way, and few services offering turn-key workshops to help the inexperienced and unemployed.

Our mission is to use our many years of experience and vast expertise to assist young people in particular 16-25 age group in creating a better life by acquiring the skills needed to impress employers and enjoy a long, prosperous career. We aim to do this by offering a number of training opportunities and workshops that offer real, tangible benefits. We can help young people to find jobs or to start up their own businesses.

We offer skills-based programmes complemented by individual mentoring, advice & guidance and post programme support with signposting to volunteering, employment & self-employment opportunities.

We believe in the importance of combining the development of specific employability skills with soft skills such as teamwork, communication & presentation skills in order to build self-confidence & provide support and guidance along the path to employment.

Some young people who have attended TESYouth’s programmes have stated at the outset that they feel they have nothing to live for as a result of their lack of skills and confidence leading to unemployment and feelings of rejection and exclusion. TESYouth’s work is designed to help mitigate this situation and create pathways for young people to escape from circumstances which tie them down, so they can go on to improve their life and job prospects.

Our workshops are interactive and offer participants an opportunity to learn, practice and develop business skills and aptitudes in a supportive environment. They also help to develop soft skills including team work, creative thinking, problem solving, communication, negotiation, research and transferable skills. The aim of workshops is to motivate them, improve their self-esteem and confidence thus enhancing their employment & self-employment prospects so that they feel able to walk into their next interview with their heads held high.


Our mission is to use our many years of experience and vast expertise to assist young people in creating a better life by acquiring the skills needed to impress employers …


Our approach to tackling the problem of youth unemployment is to help our students to acquire or enhance existing skills that make employers stand up and take notice…


We’re a certified social enterprise and a member of the national trade body, Social Enterprise UK and one of more than 70,000 social enterprises across Britain tackling social…