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How Can You Use The Summer Most Effectively For Job Hunting?

It’s that time of year again: early August and the sun is ablaze in a clear blue sky. Your coursework deadlines are non-existent and lecture halls and student debt seem like a distant memory. Nothing could tear you away from the sun on your face and the summer vibes in your body. Nothing. But it should, and painful and annoying though it maybe it may just be the thing that sets you on a fast track to a better career

TESYouth Workshops And Their Benefits

Here at TESYouth, we offer a wide variety of workshops to help young people achieve their goals. These workshops come in a variety of modules such as Sales and Marketing, Business and Self-employment or Online Enterprise and E-commerce. With many learning options available in the modern world, workshops can seem outdated. However, these workshops are beneficial in many ways and should be considered.   So why are these workshops so beneficial?   Workshops can improve wellbeing. It is proven that working towards a goal in

Why Should You Consider Volunteering?

In today’s society, it can be hard for young people to find employment. As a result, many find alternative routes to achieve their goals through apprenticeships and internships. However, many miss out on volunteering opportunities as they feel that these positions are unpaid and therefore not worth their time. Despite this, volunteering can often have many benefits.   So why should you consider volunteering?   By volunteering, you will gain the chance to develop your skills. Volunteering can help you build upon existing skills

Why Organisations Like TesYouth Should Be Offering Volunteering Opportunities

If we look at TESYouth as an organisation it cannot be argued that its structure for employment isn’t unique. In fact, TESYouth is justifiably innovative in comparison to other charities – it offers its volunteers the opportunity to gather skills and experience in roles they may never have been able to before.   In the age of ‘experience required’ role desirability putting barriers in the way of talent, TesYouth does what very few charities do – it promotes the crusade against youth

Why Talent Trumps Experience

Many businesses and companies feel that having experience is one of the most important factors for employability. Young people often lack experience, making them appear to be unsuitable candidates for roles. However, these people have valuable qualities and a unique way of tackling situations and should be considered for employment. In today’s dynamic work environment, talent is just as important as experience.   So why should you consider a candidate with less experience?   Firstly, they may have other qualities to contribute to the