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No. 12, Ribon Building, Walse street, Australia.

Phone: 1-800-555-5555
Mobile: 1-234-567-8910

Email: info@yourwebsite.com

Our Mission

Our mission is to use our many years of experience and vast expertise to assist young people in creating a better life by acquiring the skills needed to impress employers and enjoy a long, prosperous career. We aim to do this by offering a number of training opportunities and workshops that offer real, tangible benefits. We can help young people to find jobs or to start up their own businesses.

Our purpose is to help young people to realise their potential and develop existing skills as well as to learn new ones. Although there are many reasons for youth unemployment, we believe that offering the right training and advice to young people is an indispensable step when it comes to changing their fortunes for the better. We endeavour to help young people make sense of and compete in the fast-changing, rapidly-moving world they live in. We also aim to educate them about real opportunities that they may not have otherwise been aware of.

We are also fully-committed to helping our students with social development skills that can be applied in a range of environments, from the home to the workplace. This part of our training is aimed at encouraging them to:

Take proactive action to improve their communities

Engage in and feel the benefits of healthy activities

Learn how to offer support and help to other people

Help other young people to find the services that they need

Gain nationally-recognised qualifications to optimise their CVs

Learn how to start up, maintain and run a successful business

Our Approach

Our approach to tackling the problem of youth unemployment is to help our students to acquire or enhance existing skills that make employers stand up and take notice. One of the toughest problems facing young people is that employers are still unlikely to take a chance on any candidate who doesn’t have the experience required by them, but when employers are so cautious it can be difficult to acquire this experience in the first place. What’s more is that when the right training and guidance is not on offer, the resulting lack of marketplace knowledge makes it hard for our young people to start their own . We aim to empower young people, guide them to opportunities and make them feel that their efforts are not in vain.

Our training services and workshops are tailored directly to suit young people and to provide them with the skills needed to gain meaningful, full-time, permanent employment or to work prosperously on a self-employed basis. The nature of our training and workshops is incredibly focussed and “hands-on” – this makes it easier for us to get things moving for young people quickly.

To find out more about our training and workshops, or to speak to one of our expert team members, please get in touch today.