I recently graduated in psychology. As each day went by I become more unsatisfied with my life. I found it hard to find a job due to the lack of experiences. No one was willing to give me a chance.
I carried on searching for jobs that will help me to acquire new skills and came across an add by TESYouth. What caught my attention was the fact TESYouth were focusing on the young unemployed. This made me automatically think that this organisation could be beneficial to me.

I have been in work experience programme at TESYouth for 3 weeks and I have really enjoyed my time here. I have learnt a lot of new skills and also developed many existing skills. I have realised that I have grown more in confidence and have learnt to become more independent.

I strongly it will open up many doors for me in the future. In addition to that it has made me more knowledgeable about how companies and organisations operate which is very important to know and will no doubt attract recruiters. Overall I would definitely recommend TESYouth to young people as it is truly beneficial. “Nuha Kawsar”

What I most liked about working with TESYouth was that I could gain confidence and realise that I am a capable individual in challenging myself and sometimes working out of the comfort zone.
Most of all, TESYouth was a place that gave me a positive insight of working in an office, friendly people and would definitely recommend it to young individuals who have the potential, but don’t know where and how to start.
TESYouth would definitely be the right place to put a first step into your career. “Lydia Bark”

As a climbing trainer for children, I joined TESYouth work experience programme. The programme helped me to earn more self confidence and to be more open minded. I had the chance to learn something new, because I was faced with tasks that put me out of my comfort zone. TESYouth programme helped me to improve my English skills too.
I had an amazing time here in London and it was one of the best experiences of my life. TESYouth internship gave me the chance to climb more confident the job ladder. I think TESYouth programmes are very important, they give young people of today the chance for a better life and out of unemployment. “Lea-Teresia Leugner”

At my work experience in TESYouth I had the chance to learn something new far away from home. I was faced with tasks that put me out of my comfort zone and I thought I would never do them in a short period.
At the end of work experience I became more open and self-confident. It helped me to improve my English.
I found the idea behind TESYouth very important for young people. You would learn many important and challenging issues.
I recommend TESYouth to every young who wants to learn new skills, who want to come out of the comfort zone and get new experiences. “Irene Dick”

By participating in TESYouth’s work experience programme most definitely saw my confidence flourish, my skills develop and my long-term career goals emerge.
I was allowed to utilize my pre-existing skills in social media, writing and creativity, making me feel competent and useful to the organization. Simultaneously I was assisted in constructively working through my professional drawbacks, which mainly surrounded mathematical and public speaking tasks.
The work experience provided me with a unique feature for my CV, and kick-started my progress on the career ladder.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend TESYouth to any young person. “Micha Frazer-Carroll”

What TESYouth's Attendees Say

Throughout my placement, I came to realise that interns at TESYouth are treated differently to those elsewhere. Instead of being given menial tasks with limited responsibility, I was made to feel important to the organisation, being given real assignments related to my personal skills.
My time with TESYouth turned out to be one of the most important experiences of my life, kick-starting both my personal and professional development. Its ended up securing me a real job within TESYouth as well as assisting me in starting up my own successful business.
I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to recommend TESYouth to any young person, regardless of their situation.
With the placement comes experience, confidence, and perhaps most importantly, the understanding that there is light at the end of the unemployment tunnel. “Michael Smith”

Working for TESYouth was quite an interesting experience for me. I was confronted with tasks that I never expected to do while on internship. When you work at TESYouth you constantly have to deal with tasks that you have no idea of and which put you out of your own comfort zone. This is something that sounds daunting in the beginning but you eventually realise there are a lot more perspectives than you could imagine. This recognition, if retained, is something which is helpful in any situation of life.
What I really liked was the working atmosphere and the social interaction as well as the collective and creative gathering of ideas. From my internship I got an improvement of my English, the confidence to tackle challenges that might seem overwhelming and an insight in a working environment.
I would recommend TESYouth to others in my age group, you can gain a great amount of experience regardless of who you are and who you want to be. “Constantin Werner”

TESYouth work experience is good as you are given a choice as to what you want to focus on and what you want to learn. You are also given a lot of responsibility are given a choice as to how you want to go about your tasks.
The work experience also gave a lot of different experiences and things to write and talk about to a prospective employer in an interview. It also gave more of an understanding of how to run your own business in the future if you wish to do so.
I would recommend TESYouth work experience as it is unlike any other work experience program as you are not told to do menial tasks and treated as a junior. “Asad Daud”

I like the idea behind TESYouth because it provides hands-on workshops for young adults. The program is helping me to build up my confidence and improve my communication skills.
I really enjoy working with other participants on various tasks and projects. I love the fact that we help, support and learn from each other. I would recommend young people (18-24 year olds) to apply for TESYouth Work Experience Program, it give them a better chance of getting a job or setting up their own business online. “Victoria Danjuma”

When I first joined TESYouth Work Experience Program I was shy and nervous at first but then after a few days I felt good. I felt I was opening up more and sharing my thoughts and I didn’t feel scared of what other people thought of my ideas. The thing I liked about TESYouth is that it is hands on and focussed. I liked working in a team and sharing ideas with other team members.
I would recommend this to other youths because I have changed as a person gained a lot of confidence and better communication skills and if TESYouth can make me more confident then TESYouth can change other youths to become the same as me. “Sonal Jadav”