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The first National Youth Film Festival

A nationwide programme of free film screenings and activities has been planned for the first National Youth Film Festival later this year. The festival aims to give children aged five to 19 the chance to learn about film making and the film industry. All UK schools and youth groups will have the opportunity to take pupils to the cinema free of charge. The project is being delivered by Film Nation UK, a new charity for film education. The BFI is investing £26m of

Europe battle over youth unemployment

European Union leaders will hold a summit later this month to tackle the growing scourge of youth unemployment. But there’s a problem: the 6 billion euros they want to use to get to grips with the issue aren’t yet available. Leaders agreed in February that they would set aside the money from the EU’s next long-term budget, which runs from 2014-2020, with the funds going towards a “youth guarantee” of training or a job within months of education ending. But the European

“scarred for life” by joblessness

The European Union has laid out its plan to get Europe’s six million unemployed young people back to work, with officials warning that unless countries take action soon, they risk creating a generation “scarred for life” by joblessness. Soaring unemployment across the bloc – where 26 million people are out of work – is top of the agenda at a summit of EU heads of state in Brussels next week. Young people have been hit particularly hard by the recession, with

Economic crisis boosts UK youth self-employment

The number of young self-employed workers in the UK has risen by more than 70,000 since the economic crisis of 2008. With youth unemployment at record levels in some parts of Europe, many young people are looking to start their own business. In April, 3.6 million people under the age of 25 were out of work in the eurozone, which translated to an unemployment rate of 24.4%. See two youngsters who are going it alone. If you have similar story