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How Can Organisations Help Young People During the Pandemic?

One of the groups that has been affected the most by the pandemic is young people. With an uncertain future ahead of them, many have struggled with both finding employment and their mental health. These strange times are difficult for young people, but organisations can provide advice and support to help them during the pandemic in a variety of ways.

How can organisations help young people during the pandemic?
One way that organisations can help young people during the pandemic is through remote support and resources. One major impact the pandemic has had on young people is on their mental health. According to a survey by the Guardian, “More than 80% of young people with a history of mental ill health have found their conditions have worsened since the coronavirus crisis began.”

Although some mental health services have been suspended, many charities have been offering remote support to anyone struggling with their wellbeing. Many mental health companies such as The Blurt Foundation, offer a range of helpful tips and advice and informative articles on a wide range of topics such as depression or anxiety, enabling young people to understand how they are feeling and to find ways to manage their mental health. Other organisations offer services such as free online chats over social media, which are open to all and help young people to feel that they are not alone with communications and connections with others.

Other mental health organisations such as Headspace provide remote support and resources which include meditation exercises and helpful courses that can greatly improve mental wellbeing. These services can help young people with a number of modules designed around dealing with stress, productivity, motivation, self-esteem and many more topics that seem difficult for young people at the moment. By improving their mental well-being, organisations can help young people during the pandemic.

Another way organisation can help young people during the pandemic is through employment schemes and advice. With many jobs on hold and a large majority of roles unable to answer applications, young people worry about their future and finding employment. TESYouth Online courses provide opportunities to young people to upskill and expand their capabilities.

Additionally with new initiatives such as the Kickstart programme and a range of apprenticeships becoming available, organisations can guarantee employment for young people without them even needing any experience. Another great way to find employment is through volunteering. With volunteering, young people can gain skills and experience from home during the pandemic, which will help them to find further employment in the future. Volunteering with TESYouth