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TESYouth Workshops And Their Benefits

//TESYouth Workshops And Their Benefits

Here at TESYouth, we offer a wide variety of workshops to help young people achieve their goals. These workshops come in a variety of modules such as Sales and Marketing, Business and Self-employment or Online Enterprise and E-commerce. With many learning options available in the modern world, workshops can seem outdated. However, these workshops are beneficial in many ways and should be considered.


So why are these workshops so beneficial?


Workshops can improve wellbeing.

It is proven that working towards a goal in a productive and friendly learning environment improves mental wellbeing. Here at TESYouth, we aim to make this possible for our students by creating workshops that are fun as well as educational in a positive environment.


Furthermore, these workshops involve activities that motivate and inspire our students. Our workshops also help students to believe that they can achieve their goals, with examples of other students’ experience and success on the website making them feel enthusiastic to do the same. Our workshops aim to reduce negative thoughts by helping young people realise that they can be successful, boosting self esteem and confidence. Our workshops may also reduce anxiety, by placing students with others in similar situations so that they don’t feel so alone.


Students can improve their skills.

In these workshops, young people have opportunities to develop skills such as problem solving, team work, creative thinking, and many more. We also offer them the chance to build on existing skills such as organisation and communication. These soft skills are important for the workplace and opportunities to develop these skills should not be missed.


Our workshops also help towards employability.

Many students begin these courses with no clear direction of the roles they would like to apply for. Our workshops offer the most useful and up-to-date employment advice. Our workshops provide support and guidance for those unsure about their future. Additionally, these workshops aid with the job search, helping students find the roles that are right for them. Our workshops also include tips and tricks for interviews to ensure our students success for future roles. These workshops enable young people to gain knowledge they wouldn’t find elsewhere. Some students decide they would like to work towards starting their own business.


Here at TESYouth, we provide them with the opportunity to pursue these interests and offer expert advice about how to do so in these workshops. This guidance also includes information about how to start up and maintain a business to ensure they will be successful.


It is clear to see that these workshops are beneficial to young people in the long run as they will enable them to achieve their goals.


Written by Sarah Oakes