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What are the Benefits of Virtual Interviews?

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Benefits of Virtual InterviewsDue to the lockdown, many companies have switched to remote working when it comes to the recruitment process. According to a recent survey, “Virtual job interviews increased by 300% during the pandemic.

This rise in virtual interviews may seem daunting for people who are used to the more traditional face to face method of doing interviews. However, there are many benefits to virtual interviews.

So, what are the benefits of virtual interviews?
One benefit of virtual interviews is that they can showcase softer skills. Many job applications often ask for candidates who are proficient in the use of IT and office systems. Virtual interviews give you a chance to prove that you have these skills, by using technology and new systems to complete the interview process, increasing your chance of success. Virtual interviews also display a willingness to learn these new systems such as Zoom or Google Teams, which is another skill often in demand by employers. Many roles also ask for candidates to be flexible and adaptable in regards to changing tasks and varied workloads. Virtual interviews allow you the chance to prove that you have these skills, by performing interviews in a different format, improving your chances of success. In this way, virtual interviews can be beneficial.

Another benefit of virtual interviews is that they can be less stressful. Virtual interviews can be conducted from home or a quiet place you feel comfortable in, reducing stress and boosting your confidence. With a virtual interview, you can choose your environment instead of an unfamiliar location, reducing stress even further. As you do not have to travel, worries over finding the building, getting there on time or getting lost in an unfamiliar area of the city are removed, reducing stress. By doing it at home, these interviews can be conducted at any time or place, reducing stresses over scheduling between busy employers and candidates with other commitments. In this way, virtual interviews can be beneficial.

Virtual interviews can also be beneficial as they save time, money and energy. With virtual interviews, employers can sort through the applications quickly and easily, saving time to find the right person for the role. With virtual interviews, the employer can save time as they can watch the first 30 seconds of a candidate’s interview and decide if they are suitable for the role. Additionally, they can save time as the employer can simply watch the interview for the chosen candidate again, instead of having to do further telephone or face to face interviews. Virtual interviews can also speed up the hiring process, as employers can contact and engage with candidates much sooner, saving on time waiting for replies. They can also save the candidate time, as they don’t have to commute to roles that don’t work out.