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TESYouth Tips – How can social media build your personal brand?

Fast, up-to-date and ever-present, social media can be described as a 21 st century gateway into societal consciousness. We are all connected by invisible strings and influence one another without fully realising it. While these influences are subtle, they are powerful and when done right they are enough to shift trends on a global scale.

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So, with these resources being so effective at creating interest in new products, why shouldn’t you, meaning brand “You”, capitalise on what’s available at your very fingertips? Every large business had to start somewhere and with the prevalence of internet-brought products showing no signs of slowing down jumping on the brand, the bandwagon has never looked so enticing. So, how are some ways you can look at building your personal brand through social media sites?


Become a Digital Marketing Expert

Think about what your brand is

Ask yourself the questions ‘what is my brand?’ ‘What is it exactly that I am selling?’ If you can answer these questions promptly and with conviction, the clarity in what you are promoting will radiate to those clicking on your social media sites. Make sure that all your social media pages are clearly laid out and tailored to exactly what you want to advertise – be it fashion, food, or hand made products every click is a potential customer you want to entice to keep following. Post regularly – keep them interested in ‘you’ and make the ethos of your brand strong enough to keep your regular clickers satisfied and make new ones stick around.

Don’t be afraid to start small

While you may only have a few hundred followers on Instagram this doesn’t make you are what you are selling any less exciting. Keep your profiles switched to public and ensure that you make use of #hashtags and ‘@’ links to keep people linked to your page. If you use twitter, re-tweet options that are proving popular and tailor these to match what you want your brand to stand for. While you should keep your options honest and true to your own, keep in mind the politics of who is buying. You can also educate yourself through what messages are selling strongly – remember to be inclusive rather than relying completely on one type of age, sex or gender. The more broad you are, the greater the chances are that people will be interesting in clicking.

Make sure that you generate as much traffic as possible

By checking out the ‘trending’ categories and seek to keep what you’re selling in line with what is currently popular. While individuality is key, it is often more marketable to promote a product that others are keeping tabs on. However, do bear in mind that what makes you different makes you interesting. Adding splashes of originality to an already eye-catching product often shows to be a winning formula.

Branding is a marathon and not a race

Do not let be dismayed if your band does not grow straight away. The best brands do not flourish overnight and smaller steps often lead to bigger leaps in the future. Until then keep promoting yourself – with social media being the way forward your brand will only grow from this point. With positively, a strong brand and a clear mindset your brand will continue to grow as you do.

Article written by Lauren Benali & Graphics by Luke Mou