We are a Social Enterprise and NFP organisation and stands for; Training, Employment Opportunities & Social Development for Youth. Our aim is to tackle and reduce youth unemployment by equipping and empowering young people with soft skills, knowledge and professional skills.

We are dedicated to make a big difference in society by offering high-quality skills-based workshops to young people, especially those unemployed. We lead them to find employment or run their own enterprise.

whoweare Who we are

TESYouth was launched to assist young people affected by unemployment to receive the support and advice that they need. There are many obstacles facing the youth of the UK today, and both graduates and non-graduates are finding it incredibly tough to achieve success in the jobs market. Our goal is to remove the obstacles blocking young people from utilising their skills and talents and to encourage them to participate positively in their communities too.

We offer a variety of services to young people including workshops and training as well as expert advice and networking opportunities. Many young people have said that they feel they have nothing to live for due to long-term unemployment – a sad indictment of the times we are living in. We aim to reduce the number of unemployed young people in the UK in a series of ways, such as providing them with the skills they need to convince employers to take them on as well as optimising existing skills and talents.

Many people are deciding to start their own businesses after waiting too long to be given a chance by employers, and we can help in this area too, offering useful, relevant and up-to-date advice on entrepreneurship, enterprise and self-employment. Our founders have over three decades’ worth of experience in the IT and communications sectors as well as vast experience in mentoring and tutoring young people towards the success they deserve.

vision Our vision

TESYouth was born after we decided to do something about the ongoing problem of youth unemployment in the UK. We wanted to use our experience and expertise to make a real difference to the lives of a generation that has been faced with various obstacles due to the factors that it did not cause. We have seen far too many people failing to be offered the work experience needed to develop their careers in the right way, and few services offering turn-key workshops to help the inexperienced and unemployed.

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We’re a certified social enterprise and a member of the national trade body, Social Enterprise UK.
We are one of more than 70,000 social enterprises across Britain tackling social and environmental problems. Free of shareholders, social enterprises choose to plough their profits back into the business to deliver on their social or environmental mission, which might be getting homeless people off the streets and into work, or reducing the amount of waste that goes into landfill.

UK social enterprise facts

  • Britain’s social enterprise sector contributes 24 billion to the economy and employs one million people.
  • Social enterprises are much more likely to be led by women than mainstream businesses: 40% per cent of social enterprises have a female chief executive, compared with 7% of FTSE 100 companies.
  • The majority of social enterprises (59%) actively employ people who are disadvantaged in the labour market, including ex-offenders, people with disabilities and the long-term unemployed.
  • Three quarters (74%) of social enterprises pay the Living Wage as accredited by the Living Wage Foundation.
  • To find out more about social enterprise, visit www.socialenterprise.org.uk