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Web Design Professional Online Training

Learn Online to become a Web Design Professional and overcome coronavirus pandemic. This bundle of courses allows you to progress from a raw beginner to a highly-skilled web developer, capable of producing professional-quality, responsive websites and dynamic interactive applications, including some exciting new games. Registration and support on this courses is for a 24 month period. The Online Training is based on the proven “learn-by-example” principle which, as the name implies, provides real-world examples to illustrate a particular topic or technique, the courses

Westminster Volunteering & Work Experience Fair 2019!

The University of Westminster marked the 2019/20 volunteering week by hosting a volunteering & work experience fair on its Regent Street Campus on 20 February 2019. TESYouth did meet and interact with many Westminster students who were keen to get involved with volunteering, work experience programmes and to discuss their future careers. Students had the chance find out more about the exciting opportunities available at TESYouth. By working within the community and local institutions, there are possibilities to create a better society

How employable is the UK?

Recent research from the Barclays LifeSkills report “How employable is the UK?”, found that: * Just 6 per cent of teachers believe that their students leave education with the skills they need for employment (proactivity, adaptability, leadership, creativity, resilience, communication and problem solving) * Nearly a quarter of educators (22 per cent) don’t think their institution is effective in developing employability skills for pupils * The majority (79 per cent) of UK employers rating employability skills as important for the

Gain Work Experience

Gain work experience in; IT, Web Admin, Web Design, Blogging, Recruitment, Graphic Design, Content Writing, Digital Marketing, Project Research, Sales & Marketing and Project Management. If you are in the age of 18 to 25 and looking for tangible, life changing work experience and a career in IT, Sales, Research, Digital Marketing, Recruitment or ….book your place by filling the form below: Need Work Experience in: